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New 7 Wonders of the World 
02:49pm 17/10/2006
  "Welcome to the election of the New 7 Wonders of the World
... be part of the making of history!"

(Nothing is wrong with the old ones, but this is fascinating and has great information!... Though some information is quite inaccurate, such as the description of the Pyramids of Giza... I suppose that they mean well.)

a gift 
07:33pm 16/07/2006
mood: energetic

I received this MP3 file as a gift from a friend. It is a gift to all.

Carlos Castaneda speaks! It seems to be recorded at the time that the first book came out. Here he talks to an audience about _ The Teachings of Don Juan _. Then others talk about him.


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Factor X 
02:08am 24/12/2004
mood: weird
"The phenomena of Factor X is impossible to write about without resorting to metaphors and knowledge of specific activities bent on exciting its influence...Factor X is always a test to your innermost being.  Without Factor X, you would die spiritually.  This is because Factor X expresses the bottom line of existence...it's all unknown.  Any belief to the contrary runs in opposition and expresses itself always as what is already known.  As those who "know"...the more we know,  the more we realize how much we don't.  As our knowledge increases, so does the potential for accessing Factor X...if the systems of our knowledge are open-ended enough to permit their expansion, growth, and future evolution.  If they are not, they will tend to excite entropy and internal collapse.  Factor X is absolute in its life-affirming influence.  The question remains...how much life can we stand?

You may access Factor X by entering those situations wherein you are not necessarily in control (unless it is unknown for you to be), where you can relax your need to determine the outcome (unless it's unknown for you to determine outcomes) and to do something you've never done before.  As a rule of thumb, Factor X comes to those who invite change into their lives and who welcome the unexpected.  High Uncertainty Zones are especially fertile, as well as those combinations of individuals and circumstances which reek of paradoxical energies and directions.   If you bring your conceptual, manipulative mind into High Uncertainty Zones, you run the risk of getting your mind blown by the layers of new information and meaning constantly exploding before you.  Suggested practice is to enter these Concept-Free Zones without preconceptions, ulterior motives, and/or personal objectives save for the experience of being  there as totally as you can.

Mysticism is whatever you do to remain open to the Universe around you and its constant output of new information.  Factor X is a mystical doorway permiting our entry to direct, open-ended contact and communication with the Universe...all of it, organic and inorganic combined.  The locks on the door can be opened through the increasing flexibility of our physical, emotional, conceptual, and social vehicles.  Factor X possesses the influence of diminishing our mortal tendencies to crystalize and grow old.  Our mysticism tends to keep us around longer than our conditioned habits would like. 

There is a delicate balance between living forever and dying.  Too much Factor X is not unlike "having too much of a good thing" and has rendered a good mind frenetically crazed, because of the negligence of a certain finite body and its natural, genetically-programmed limitations.  The sacred blessing of our physiological boundaries serve to remind us how privileged we are to embody the human form.  Our lives depend on it.  When working with Factor X, understand you are digesting the most powerful drug in the known world: Infinity

Not enough Factor X will have the effect of quickening the aging process.  All you have to do to grow old is convince yourself that you know everything.  It's as simple as signing on the dotted line and it's been working for thousands of years.  Why, you can even obtain an Honorary Degree in Knowing from your local university and become an expert.

Factor X is our capacity for unknowing.  Historically, the Euro-American Western World has cultivated "the known" as a status symbol.  We are pedastaled for how much we know and sometimes, even scorned for not knowing...by our self-criticism and from others' opinions.  From another perspective, "not knowing" is negative knowledge or knowledge of the negative.  The Indo-Oriental Eastern World refers to this type of negative knowledge as "wisdom".  According to the Chinese Book of Changes, The I Ching, wisdom preceeds true knowlege...in other words, knowledge isn't "knowing" until you're living it." - Antero Alli, Angel Tech: A modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection

First off, this book is indispensible.  If you can get it and read it.  It is out of print and hard to find, but Bookfinder.com can get you anything for the best price.  Anyway, I figured I'd plug the book since I took such a healthy piece.  I like posting quotes, because I've run across so many sentiments eloquently expressed that it is hardly prudent to try and rehash the message. 

Does anyone have any problems or issues with what he is trying to say?  Any questions, comments, snide remarks?  I like his arbitrary designation of "this/that" as Factor X.  It's good to have working terminology when doing anything.  Isn't it funny how the English language has thousands of words to describe part of a engine, but so few to describe the workings of our own minds.

He does say that Factor X is the most powerful drug.  I have to agree and say that with only the few drops I've sampled, I am a habitue.  Anybody else partake?

day zja voo 
12:26pm 11/12/2004
  that weird type of deja vu.
as you are noticing its a deja vu
it continues to be a deja vu
and no matter what you do..
you still feel its already happened
or that you are seeing something predestined to happen
the deja vu doesnt end immediately as usual

and now should i rearrange everything on my desk so that doesnt happen
or should i wait to see what happens

this shit freaks me out sometimes
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07:56pm 22/11/2004
mood: playful
hi all, i like the background, quite dreamy!

i've practiced sorcery for a few years, mostly the stalking, getting life into shape. dreaming is hard for me, having a lot of tension in my body. have had some awesome experiences in both and looking to learn, share, and grow with y'all. i think i'm the only one here using my real name... or is it? muhahaha!
11:36am 18/10/2004
  Hi, My name is Adrienne and I just recently joined the community and I just wanted to say a hello and introduce myself. I am currently studying Shamanism and Im also a bit curious on the other magical paths others are on. I am also interested in learning about the unknown and I am an open-minded individual. I do not judge others and respect everyone views on what their beliefs are. I believe in that anything is possible and nothing is impossible. Thats my little intro for now,but feel free to contact me if you wish to talk or ask any questions.  
Wishes Inc. 
11:14am 23/09/2004
  Hi there. I'm new, and I wanted to shamelessly promote my community for dreamers, which has just started out. We're doing well, but I'd love to have some more members. Wishes Inc. is a community for the young and fanciful at heart. We welcome dreamers of all types and auras. You can post whatever you like here (within reason :-P). Your poetry, short stories, art, icons, banners, thoughts, dreams, wishes, etc. You can also post the works of others, or fun stuff, just to share!

We encourage your to introduce yourself if you join. Let us get to know you!


Come join us. =)
02:11pm 22/04/2004
Carlos Castaneda - Enigma of a SorcererA movie on Carlos Castaneda

anyone seen or heard about this?
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[ life reincarnation and purpose ] 
03:03am 18/04/2004
  ever since i've studied buddhism, hindusim, and especially the castaneda books/don juan/toltec philosophy i've really swallowed the reincarnation thing. i dont know about the consciousness going from different life forms, although i can see how that makes sense. its just not really important to think about. i can see how different people seem to make sense out of life better and how certain religious groups or societies have some of these qualities and enjoy some certain parts of life more than others do. unfortunately for some they get so close minded into this one particular quality they dont see that there are so many others can improve the quality of life as a whole rather than just improving one small aspect of their life. which goes along with the ideas that reaching a certain level of self-awareness or realizing the totality of ones self is a goal to reach eternal life or to escape the cycle of rebirth or to keep your consciousness whole through some approaching stage beyond this life. so perhaps most people have their consciousness shattered or divided somehow by not having accumulated a certain amount of energy or awareness to be able to sustain some force or challenge we face after physical death. it seems logical how some people seem so lost in life while others seem to have noticed the patterns and manipulate or use them to their benefit. which logically would come from some sort of experience and it also seems illogical that some people can be so off in the same amount of time we are here for. it could just be intelligence or adaptability though that seperates some from others. but can the mind advance or differ that greatly that some young people have things figured out before their parents? or that some people just seem to understand eternal truths that seem to consistently apply to life moreso than others with similar experiences? some people seem so content and happy with life while others are confused, lost, and depressed. they come from so many different areas i cant say its the mind but it does seem more common that people with these qualities had to overcome greater feats in their life. they had something negative happen that they used to grow in different areas of life. they take notes and notice cause/effect and prevent problems and solve problems easier. it seems most problems i see that people suffer from are a lack of spirituality in some form or another. maybe i just relate growth in this perspective because it has worked for me so i use it as a metaphor to something bigger which can be found in anything one's interested in. either way i notice and it helps me read people better realizing how much they actually have put together. most people who dont seem to have it together are usually found to be less honest, more contradicting, and less open. relationships with them arent as successful or meaningful. most people who seem genuinely happier and more successful carry traits i consider spiritual though. such as honesty, a greater awareness for the reality of a situation, ability to control their emotions, ability to remain calm and put together in stressful situations, ability to understand and remember cause/effect situations from past experiences or studying, the ability to accept reality instead of denying it, the ability to overcome challenges gracefully, and the ability to make decisions without putting them off; especially decisions that affect our life in big ways. i think our experiences help a lot with cultivating these traits but i believe because of the gap between different people that some have a little something extra inherent throughout their lives that helps carry them a little bit further and faster. some people have no drive and are so unmotivated while others love that drive and advancing themselves. they love growing and are able to make the necessary changes to grow in positive ways that affect their life. to me the benefits of this way of life are extraordinary but more of a side effect to advancing one's self spiritually through means of increasing awareness. it seems that focus gets your further than focusing on what you are getting out of it. i also notice that aside from spiritual advancement, anyone who is really focused on increasing any skill or hobby develops some of these traits just through natural self-interest in what they are doing. its like someone who loves to paint or write music. the people who seem best at these skills are the ones who dont care about money or fame. they are more interested in the joy they recieve from the act itself but because of that joy it creates practice and experience which most of the time turns the person into a master of their skill so positive benefits result as a side effect. plus we hear the saying he/she put his heart and soul into it which is a coincidence of this subject. its weird noticing how a lot of things come together in these different areas of study or skill. these masters are caught up in the present moment of activity because it gives them joy and releases them from the grips of the mind and daily thought or mind chatter. which is coincidentally a goal of meditation. also many spiritual teachers lecture on how to focus on the present moment. so its more than coincidental to me that all these aspects come together and cant be considered as logical. there has to be something behind it all. what is behind it is the awarness beyond the body/mind and beyond this life. what all religions seek to find and explain. what all people really search for within the depths of their soul. the longing or void many live with and cant explain... and to think we have the opportunity to figure it out in this life. why would i waste my life caught up in temporary desires, sensual gratification, or negative thinking when there is so much to gain by cultivating this new way of thinking. following the patterns of life i have noticed and experienced this different way of thinking guarantees a happier life here in the physical and promises to be worth the effort as we pass through this life and body into whatever lies next for us. with all these coincidences present i find purpose in life and am content with that purpose. i can act in the present moment and be happy with it as i accrue many positive side effects that cannot be purchased or received in a pill. as i believe that we are consciousness and not the physical body and as i advance more i feel this rather than just blindly believing in it. these patterns that help physical life mirror over into the spiritual life and seem to improve that as well which can help escape the cycle of rebirth to move on to another realm of existence, a higher form of awareness for which we dont have the means through physical rationalization or physical senses. that possibility alone is enough to excite and motivate me into a different mode of life rather than being caught up with the american dream, fame, money, or most of what society considers successful. you have heard how people who achieve these things dont find happiness and more than likely they have more problems compared to when they first decided to work towards these temporary desires for pleasure. nothing else seems to fit. it seems like the search for meaning and purpose are over. now to just continue to act on these principles and follow the eternal truths you find takes motivation and inspiration. you have to remember where you're going sometimes and what its all for. once you can keep that concentrated focus consistently it all just gets really easy. on a side note meditation is practicing a concentrated focus as well and is a cornerstone in all major spiritual growth teachings. the only prerequisite to this belief is understanding we are consciousness in a physical body. and not a physical body with consciousness which can be sought out and internalized through meditation, relaxation, and focus. i think this is what many preachers, gurus, and fanatics are trying to teach but sometimes words are inadequate compared to the actual experience of being. just as the physical mind is inadequate to understand the complexities beyond this life and awareness.

what do you sorcerers think?
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12:32pm 03/02/2004
  hi everyone. i'm new and i have a question.

how would you define a power object?

a piece of fluorite was given to me years ago as a gift. it is very special to me and i seem to carry it with me especially during snow storms and in bright moonlight. also, i hear of people "cleansing" their stones and crystals - i'd like to but i'm afraid doing so would loose it's radiance.

any thoughts would be extremely appreciated. :)

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07:05pm 22/12/2003
  Greetings all. I've been a member for a while, but I havn't posted anything. Doesn't semm like anyone else has either :) I am wondering how many of you use a staff for rituals and magik, and if so, in what way do you use it etc.  
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Queensryche: The Art of Life 
08:56am 15/09/2003
  I bought this cd during the weekend, this song in particular stood out. Caught the Castaneda reference at the end, listened to it a couple of times to let it sink in.

When I asked him,
he described a thousand lifetimes.
At each turn, a hint of what one still must learn.

Now I've read the thoughts of philosophers,
the words of liars, who say that underneath I'm worthless.

Some one said we live our lives in between the extremes.
Is the art of life discipline?
Is that the sweet mystery?

The art of life is ...
without rushing, without faltering we push it as far as we can.

Observe with patience.
Free your mind.
Efficiency, control.
To develop the form starts with acceptance,
then submission to the goal.

Some one said somewhere we live our lives in between the extremes.
Is the art of life discipline?
Is that the sweetest mystery?

The art of life is ...
without rushing, without faltering, unraveling the secrets of knowledge.
We must challenge and defeat our four natural enemies;
Clarity of mind.
and the desire to rest.
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[ impressive ] 
03:13pm 05/09/2003
  these books are so good even the second time around...

taken from... Tales of Power by Carlos Castaneda

don juan to castaneda: "to be a sorcerer in your case means that you have to overcome stubborness and the need for rational explanations, which stand in your way. whats more, those shortcomings are your road to power. you cant say that power would flow to you if your life would be different."

tonal and nagual: "we interpret any unknown expression of the nagual as something we know; in this case the nagual might be interpreted as a breeze shaking the leaves, or even as some strange light, perhaps a lightning bug of unusual size. if a man who doesnt see is pressed, he would say that he thought he saw something but could not remember what. this is only natural. the man would be talking sense. after all, his eyes would have judged nothing extraordinary; being the eyes of the tonal they have to be limited to the tonal's world, and in that world there is nothing staggeringly new, nothing which the eyes cannot apprehend and the tonal cannot explain."
New products on http://www.castaneda.com. 
10:47am 08/08/2003
mood: curious
There are several new products on http://www.castaneda.com. These are videos that deal with exercises to facillitate dreaming. Has anyone seen them? Do let me know. Nemtetsemnewty
thought frequency 
02:04pm 07/07/2003
  meditate/learn where thoughts come from. think of thoughts as an effect. now find the cause to thought. then learn to change the frequency/reception of thought by manipulating that force. then learn to dismiss it completely during meditation or focused concentration. remember to learn how to shut off the frequency that causes thought.

here is a thought from a meditation session the other night. it helped me, so maybe it will help someone else. anyone else have any techniques they enjoy?
07:07pm 05/07/2003
  just been watching everyone. so im saying hello. im in oklahoma. i love the castaneda series and other various topics we all seem to have in common. id like to hear some personal experience stories from anyone who has any they would like to share :)  
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06:50am 29/01/2003
  A paragraph that stuck out this morning:

A recapitulation of their lives, which sorcerers do, is the key to moving their assemblage points. Sorcerers start their recapitulation by thinking, by remembering the most important acts of their lives. From merely thinking about them they then move on to actually being at the site of the event. When they can do that--be at the site of the event--they have successfully shifted their assemblage point to the precise spot it was when the event took place. Bringing back the total event by means of shifting the assemblage point is known as sorcerers' recollection.
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12:32am 08/11/2002
  Hello, all. I'm new to this group, as you can no doubt tell, and I thought I would just say hello.

I'm an 18-year-old kid living in Sacramento. I've been reading Castaneda's books for a while now, at the suggestion of my father, but I started believing them about a year ago for reasons I'm not totally sure of.

I was told, about a year ago now, by what sounded like the voices of everyone in the world speaking in unison, to save the world. I'm trying to improve myself in an effort to do so.

I don't know if I'll be posting much; I don't, in all honesty, have a lot of questions. I might post some of my strange experiences as inspiration strikes me, if that's all right.
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Sorry about the cross post! 
12:44am 24/07/2002
mood: chipper
It's my birthday and there is a full moon, anyone have suggestion on a combination of something I could do i'm really excited about it. I have always adored full moons. My family has had a lot of birthdays on special moon days, such as full moons, lunar eclipses, not a moon thing but comet sightings, meteor showers and such. I would like to know of anything special to do, or should it all just be from the heart, should I do whatever feels right.
06:07pm 04/07/2002
mood: good
Hello,My name is Aurora, and I'm sixteen. I'm obviously new. I am a sorceress, people may think I'm too young, but I have reached a capability most adults haven't. (So i've been told) I work a lot with herbs for medicinal purposes, I was wondering though if anyone is able to see daemons, angels, whatever you want to call them. I see them on a daily bases, I do not conjure up, like some may think, I just see these things, sometimes they speak to me but other times I'd rather not talk and I pretend not to notice.I don't know anyone who has had similar experiences, it's been like this since I can remember. If anyone has useful tips, comments, or questions. Please I will welcome it.
May Artemis and the Keeper Bless.
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